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The Harborfields Central School District is located on the north shore of Long Island in the Huntington Township. It encompasses an area of eight square miles and serves a suburban population of approximately 44,000.

Harborfields is a young school system in years, but binds together two communities – Centerport and Greenlawn – which have roots that go back to pre-colonial days. Its name is derived from the original names used by early settlers: Little Cow Harbor and Oldfields. The district is comprised of four schools: Washington Drive Elementary School, Thomas J. Lahey Elementary School, Oldfield Middle School, Harborfields High School.

Centerport and Greenlawn have the beauty and the appeal of rolling, wooded hills, and protected bays that lead into the Long Island Sound. The area has always drawn discerning people looking for a sense of small-town community with ready access to New York City. The area lays claim to distinguished personalities such as William K. Vanderbilt, whose Eagle’s Nest is now a valued public museum; John Dewey, America’s foremost educational philosopher; and summer residents like Sergei Rachmaninoff and Albert Einstein.

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