Summer Camps 2015

ART EXPLORATIONS – Designed to give students a positive experience with a variety of materials in a warm, welcoming environment where creativity is celebrated!

AN EXPLORATION IN PAINTING – This workshop will focus on a wide range of painting mediums and techniques, from watercolor to abstract splatter painting.

EVERYONE CAN DRAW -This workshop will touch upon cartooning, graphic design, realistic art, while using a variety of mediums. Students will use chalk pastels, markers, oil pastels and charcoal.

ADVENTURES IN SCULPTURE – This workshop will give students the opportunity to learn the basic techniques of hand building, while also letting them use inventive materials to create 3D art. Students will be using clay and a variety of other materials.FASHION & CRAFTS: Does your child like to make and design things that they can use or wear? This may be the right workshop for you! Students will dye their own silk scarf, design their own sneakers and use print making techniques to create a personalized throw pillow. Students are required to bring in NEW, white canvas sneakers to the first day of camp.

COMPUTER ART WITH PHOTOSHOP – Photoshop is the leading program used by graphic designers, professional photographers, fashion designers, animators, etc. Discover how to navigate, create, and manipulate your own work through this course. This course will teach the fundamentals of Photoshop and will allow students to advance at their own pace. Please be sure to bring your own digital camera and memory card!

CRAZY CONCOCTIONS ART/SCIENCE CAMP – Students will participate in science/art activities and experiments such as exploding color/rainbows, creating slime and Ooblek, volcanoes, chemical reactions, magic puffy paint, color mixing, bubble painting, glue & shaving cream experiments, exploding Mentos & soda, magic snow, ice tunnels, lava lamps, globes, color eruptions, magic sand and mad scientist potions.

CROP, PAPER, SCISSORS – Discover the art of scrapbooking– as well as other clever paper crafts. Former magazine editor and craft stylist, Karin Fey, whose work has been featured in Good Housekeeping, Woman’s Day, and Parenting, will be teaching the ins-and-outs of cropping photos, mounting and layering techniques. Your child will enjoy the fun and inventive ways you can embellish photographs to preserve unforgettable memories. Your child will also learn how to handle different craft tools, including a hot glue gun, decorative scissors, punches, and stamps in order to create wonderfully unique works of art. Besides each creating their own full 20-page scrapbook album by the end of camp, campers will also participate in many other activities: Card-making, whipping up fun summer projects using sand and shells, making beautiful photo crafts out of recyclable materials, and a daily surprise “Mystery Craft” to encourage imagination and ingenuity. Prizes, giveaways, and all materials are included.

DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY – Enrolled students will learn the parts and modes on the digital camera. Each day will consist of learning a different mode on the camera, the type of photography it applies to, and putting it into practice. Students will also learn to name, organize and edit their photographs using Adobe Photo software. Lessons will extend into the art classroom where they will learn to use the photos they take in order to create 3D photographs, photographic transfers, and how to matte/present their work in a professional style. The week will culminate on the creation of a digital photo album. Students are encouraged to bring their own cameras.

DRAWING, PAINTING, AND SCULPTURE – Take a break from the summer heat and join us for some creative fun! Children will explore a variety of art mediums and study artists & artistic techniques. Each lesson produces a unique child created work of art. At the end of each session students will participate in an Art show exhibiting their beautiful work. Some projects will include drawing, painting, mixed media and sculpture! Bring a smock, snack, and drink daily.

ENAMORED WITH ENAMEL: A JEWELRY DESIGN WORKSHOP – Learn about the ancient art of fusing metal on glass with jewelry artist and instructor Joann Wadler. An accomplished artist, Joann has taught enameling at the Art League of Long Island, the Garvies Point Museum and currently teaches in her own jewelry studio. Students will learn the basics of enamel application and firing along withdecorative techniques such as sgraffito, stenciling and rubber stamping to make a copper bracelet or pendant. They will learn how to pierce and saw metal as well as how to create different textures. Come and be creative this summer and design a unique piece of jewelry made by you.

FORENSIC SCIENCE KIDS ACADEMY  – Forensic Science Kids Academy will engage students in solving mock crimes. Activities may include dusting & lifting fingerprints, using a microscope, & setting-up a mock crime lab.

GOOD OLD-FASHIONED SUMMER FUN! – Come and have some good old-fashioned summer fun in this social skill building camp! We parents grew up playing games outside until the sun went down and we loved it! So, let’s play tag, hopscotch, Frisbee, jump rope and Twister. Let’s make firefly catchers and homemade ice cream. How fun are three legged races, egg tosses, and hula hooping? Join us for some of the games and activities that have truly stood the test of time. With a strong emphasis on social skills, these team-building activities encourage participation in small groups as well as the forming of positive interactions with your peers. Classes are taught by TJL Special Education teacher Mrs. Brown. Everyone that knows Mrs. Brown knows that she LOVES to have fun outside!

INTRODUCTION TO VIDEO PRODUCTION – The camp will consist of campers creating small digital video productions. Campers will learn basic aspects of a video camera, storing digital video, and shooting video. They will learn video editing techniques through the use of video editing software. They will have the opportunity to produce several different productions to include: Autobiographies, Commercials, Interviews, Newscasts, Family Production and lots more.

ME TO WE GIRLS CAMP – Me to We Girls is a camp experience designed to educate and empower girls through a wide range of fun and dynamic activities aimed at targeting the physical, emotional and social components of personal wellbeing. Through participation in a variety of activities all of which incorporate team-building, participants will understand how each of these components contributes to their own personal well-being. A day in the life of a Me to We Girl may include tye-dying team shirts, learning how to prepare delicious and healthy snacks, researching and deciding on a community service project to support, creating playlists for fitness routines, discussing relevant topics such as how to safely manage social media, reflecting in their Me to We Journals, gaining a better understanding of themselves and other girls their age and hopefully developing new friendships and having a whole lot of fun in the process. Our hope is that girls come in as individuals and leave as a “team” who have gained a better understanding of themselves and the strength that can be gained through positive social connections with other girls.

ROBOTICS – Robotics offers children a chance to learn and work with Lego EV. Robotics continues to be a great learning opportunity for the Harborfields community. Robotics instructor Drew Lockwood has taught Robotics for 4 years for HACEF and Science Research Club. He has seen firsthand how much children love to work with Robotic challenges. Skill development, planning, organization as well as creative expression are the goals for this important life enriching camp.

STORY ART CREATIONS– Students will create art project based on literature activities, author/illustrator studies and themes using collage, sculpture, drawings, painting, play dough, masks, murals, mobiles, puppets, 3D art, recycle art, dramatizations and cooking.

THEATER ARTS WORKSHOP – Curious to learn about the world of acting? Then come join us for some fun in these joyful workshops filled with creative movement, improvisation, storytelling, songs, monologues, scenes, and non-competitive Theater Games. Students will learn through playing about all aspects of performing on the stage. Come have some fun with us this summer!”

WOODCRAFTING – Woodcrafting offers children a chance to learn and work with wood to make exciting projects. Mr. Lockwood has taught woodshop for many years at the Portledge School and LuHi Summer Programs and has seen firsthand how much children love to work with wood. Skill development, planning, organization as well as creative expression are the goals in this important life enriching camp.

IMAGINATION CAMP – Through cooperative games, stress relieving exercises, and creative art therapy, your child will learn lifelong skills to help calm the mind, improve focus and attention, energize the body, build self-confidence and enhance overall well-being. This camp will provide opportunities for building teamwork and cooperation skills with others, and will give campers a chance to express their individual creativity. Instructor: Erin Barrett, adapted physical education teacher for children with special needs and certified children’s yoga instructor. *Price includes a yoga mat that the children will take home.

MAKING FRIENDS AND BUILDING CHARACTER –  Facilitated by WDPS Special Education Teacher Kristen Knice, this social skills camp offers children the opportunity to work on valuable character building skills through the use of books, games, acting out scenarios, art, and written work-all while having fun! Children will be able to view models for appropriate social behavior and practice useful skills such as interacting with friends, taking turns, sharing, respecting others, following directions, saying “I’m sorry,” and how to make good choices that will help in both the home and school environments. And since it’s Ms. Knice, it’s bound to be a blast!

LET’S MAKE MUSIC TOGETHER –  “Let’s Make Music Together” is specifically geared towards children with developmental disabilities. Instructor Jessica Lowenhar, Music Teacher at OMS, will use therapeutic games, sounds and multi-sensory activities so that children will be able to socially engage with peers and discover a rich communication through the power of music! Each day will have a different theme around which fun, relaxing and/or stimulating activities will be structured. Children will be able to explore different instruments and be exposed to the wonderful varieties of music.

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