• HACEF Summer Camp Volunteer Positions

    The HACEF Summer Camp program is looking for dedicated and committed volunteers (entering grades 7-12) for Community Service hours this summer! Our volunteer counselors are not only invaluable in helping our camps run smoothly, they serve as leadership models to our younger Harborfields students.

    We encourage our volunteers to "match" themselves to camps in which they themselves have a deep interest. Very often, our volunteer counselors’ own enthusiasm, drive, and passion will inspire young campers to continue to pursue a subject! This is also a wonderful opportunity for older students to work alongside experienced instructors who have a depth of knowledge, great for both college resumes and for giving back to our community. You can earn ALL of your first quarter community service hours for the National Honor Society... by helping out with one week of HACEF Summer Camp!

    All camps will be held at Harborfields Schools.

    If you would like to placed on the volunteer wait list or have additional questions,
    please email 
    All emails will be replied to in the order in which they were received.
    *Student volunteers must be at least two grades higher than the campers they will be assisting.
  •  *Early-bird rates are in effect until May 1st
    Refunds will not be given after May 1st

    -- Grades indicate the grades that the camper will be entering in September 2018
    -- Your PayPal transaction confirmation email is proof of your registration. Please keep a copy for your records.
    -- You will receive a confirmation email from the instructor approximately 1-2 weeks before the start date of camp.If the email address on your PayPal account is different from the one you use daily,
    please add that in the notes section during checkout OR email harborfieldshacef@gmail.com with the email address you prefer us to use.
    -- All camp communications will be done via email.
    -- If you have any questions, email us at harborfieldshacef@gmail.com

Summer 2016

Explorations in Painting with Melissa Goscinski

Elementary Robotics with Drew Lockwood

Under the Sea Cooking with Sandra Rietz

The Magic of Photoshop with Stacey Parks

Theater Workshop with Christine Berg

Old Masters with Nicole Larson

2D3D Art with Elizabeth DeVaney

Crazy Concoctions with Melissa Ricci

Making Bubbling Volcanoes

Drawing, Painting & Sculpture with Eileen Shields

Engineering 101 with Richard Ritter

Making Battle Bots and Learning About Hydraulics

Hair Flair with Ali Gagnon

Holidays Around the World with Suzanne Chmura

Woodcrafting – Elementary with Drew Lockwood

Around the World Cooking with Lindsay Lunati

Hair Flair with Ali Gagnon

Imagination Camp with Erin Barrett

Introduction to Video Production with Steve Ellick

First Place Video by Matthew Rappa

Crazy Concoctions with Melissa Ricci

Crop, Paper, Scissors with Karin Fey

Drawing, Painting & Sculpture with Eileen Shields

Elementary Robotics with Drew Lockwood

Introduction to Fashion Design with Roe Elder

– Students were introduced to the History of Fashion and how the past is incorporated in the future of fashion.
– Students became skillful in illustrating and applying clothing to a fashion croquie.
– Students became skillful in various techniques using color pencils ( blending, values etc). Also they became skillful in applying patterns to their designs.
– After choosing a season to create their collection they researched the historical styles that inspired them and created five fashion designs which they illustrated, applied patterns and color. They then created a presentation board where all of their designs were included.

Let’s Draw with Melissa Goscinski

Let Your Imagination Run Wild with Suzanne Chmura

Can you find  your child’s Silly Dr. Seuss Animal?

Trash to Treasure or Reduce, Reuse & Recycle

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  • Officers

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    Vice President - Sal Ammirati/Eric Gerde
    Treasurer - Tracy Armstrong
    Corresponding Secretary - Marianne Minton
    Recording Secretary - Carol Cuti
    Trustees - Maraya Albertson, Hansen Lee, Mary Seligmann, Laurie Wax
    Directors of Summer Camps- Karin Fey/Emma Hendler