• You may be familiar with the HACEF Camp Program… but do you know what happens with the profits we raise each summer? Every penny goes to the HACEF Foundation, which offers significant grants to all four Harborfields Schools for the purpose of enhancing and enriching our children’s education and well-being. HACEF grants have been used to fund the latest in technology, art, music, science, reading, special education, and much more.

    Becoming a Friend of HACEF allows you to directly assist in these significant educational enhancement efforts and to also help fund HACEF student scholarships.

     HACEF Memberships that are received via check, cash, credit card OR PayPal by Monday, October 21 will be entered into TWO raffles: • A FREE HACEF Summer Camp 2020 • The CHANCE TO PRE-REGISTER FOR ONE CAMP OF YOUR CHOICE, before Summer Camp registration opens on March 15, 2020! We will call both winners on October 22!

    Make your donation online or download a hard copy application and mail your Friend of HACEF Membership

HACEF Sponsorships

One of the ongoing goals of the HACEF Foundation is to offer significant grants to all four Harborfields Schools for the purpose of enhancing and enriching our children’s education and well-being. These grants are written and proposed by Harborfields teachers and administrators and include products, tools, technology, and resources that they feel would benefit our students in some important way. 

Becoming a Friend of HACEF allows you to assist these educational enhancement efforts and to help fund student scholarships. Many of our grants offer a truly exceptional outlet or initiative for our children to explore, offering them opportunities or exposure to cutting-edge technology they may not otherwise have.

Thanks to the generosity of our friends and businesses in the community HACEF has been able to offer the following grants to Harborfields Schools: 

Harborfields High School
  • Digital Camera and Printer
  • Weather Station
  • Smart Board
  • Science Research Program Equipment
  • Document Camera
  • Using Interactive Computer Resources to Teach Research Skills
  • Technology Equipment to Enhance the Display of Student Artwork
  • Camera Equipment for the Art Department
  • Video Camera for the Art Department
  • Art Display System for Library Media Center
  • AED Trainers
  • Podium for the Marching Band
  • Wacom Tablets for Graphics Arts Classes
  • Camera Equipment for Photography Classes
  • Media Display for administration (morning announcements, etc.)
Oldfield Middle School
  • Video studio/Teleprompter & video camera
  • Standing desks, Flexible/alternative seating
  • Robotic Construction Kits
  • STEAMOperation Ziploc
  • Heart Monitors for Wellness Program
  • Character Education Student Presentations
  • Enhancing Education through Technology
  • Exposing Students to Digital Video
  • Character Ed-Camfel Production
  • Visual Arts Mobile Media Display Cart
  • Laptop Comupter for the Technology Classroom
  • Music History Recording and Studio
  • Lego Robotic Kit for Science Club
  • Lego Robotic Mindstorm Kit for the Science Reseach Club
  • Learning Garden
  • Document Camera
  • Digital Video Equipment
  • Science Research Program Equipment
  • Smart Boards
 Thomas J. Lahey Elementary School
  • Seating for Special Education Classes
  •  Spelling for Writers
  • Qualities of Good Writing
  • Hands on Science Materials
  • Comprehension Tool Kit
  • Spelling for Writers* Studying Authors Craft
  • Concept Links Focus and Motion Complete Module
  • Concept Links Ecosystems Complete Module
  • Concept Links Animal Complete Module
  • Native New York and Native Ameircan’s In-House Field Trip*
  • Literacy Reading Library
  • Art on the Cart – Laptop and 40″ HDTV Presentation Cart
  • Visual Arts Mobile Display
  • Christ Van Allsbuerg Author Study
    Smart Boards
Washington Drive Primary School
  • Growth Mindset books
  • Listening Centers
  • Lady Bug Land (Kindergarten)
  • Digital Art and Information Display
  • Enhancing Curriculum Through Technology
  • Learning Fluency Listing Center
  • Digital Imaging Camera
  • Smart Boards


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