2016 Scholarship Recipients

HACEF is proud to award scholarships each year to recognize students who have shown dedication to their school and their community by volunteering their time and talents. This year’s applicants are all exceptional individuals who exemplify the outstanding young adults in our community. We are proud to congratulate the 2016 recipients.

HACEF Wall of Honor Scholarship

Brianna Ackerman
Brianna Ackerman, a dedicated and kind leader, has excelled in many areas throughout her high school career. Being a founding member of Harborfields High School Key Club has been one of her most rewarding experiences. Brianna is proud of the role she played in organizing a shoe drive for children in Ghana and the fundraiser she began for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. In addition to Key Club, Brianna has been an assistant for HACEF theater camps for the past four years. Her assistance was an invaluable asset and her gentle leadership was an outstanding role model to all the campers. Brianna’s experience at Theater Arts camp has helped shaped her decision to major in Elementary Education in college.

Rachael Glackin
Rachael Glackin is a student whose academic and athletic records speak for themselves. Rachael has been an active member in Habitat for Humanity, HACO, and Harborfields Global Justice Club. With the support of the Global Justice Club, Rachael started a food drive at Harborfields High that re-stocked the entire HACO food pantry, and won a national competition resulting in a $1,000 donation to a charity of choice. Rachel chose HACO. Since then Rachael has gone on to travel to Thailand where she taught English language and swimming.


HACEF Exceptional Service Scholarship

Florence Chi
chi  Florence Chi is interested in pursuing a career in nursing. Her years of volunteerism with Huntington Hospital have provided her with an education that goes beyond classroom learning. Florence began volunteering at Huntington Hospital almost 4 years ago as a candy striper and is now part of the Ambassador Program. In addition to her time at the hospital, Florence has gone on two life changing missionary trips to Haiti and the Dominican Republic. These experiences have given Florence a deeper perspective in her life and made her realize that she has a desire to serve others in her family, neighborhood or around the world.

Tyler Farrago
farragoTyler Farrago is an AP/Honors student and Varsity athlete who is committed to service on a local and National level. Tyler has been active in the U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps and the Suffolk County Police Department Youth Academy. While volunteering for Ring 10, a non-profit organization for indigent fighters, Tyler has managed all aspects of the group’s social media, website and graphic design. Tyler is most proud of the time he has served as a Junior Volunteer Firefighter and Secretary at the Greenlawn Fire Department. Tyler is a leader and role model to his peers.


wax copyAbigail Wax
Abigail Wax has had roles in various service organizations all while excelling in academics, music, theater and athletics. These include Global Justice Club Secretary, National Honor Society President, and Athletes Helping Athletes Club member. Abigail is most proud of her capacity as Steering Committee President, lawyer and judge for the Huntington Town Youth Court. The Court is a community-based prevention and intervention program. As Steering Committee President, Abigail was responsible for training members and raising awareness about the program. As judge and lawyer, Abigail met worked with youth offenders in order to learn more about them, their motivations and most of all to help guide them to make better choices.


HACEF Pride Scholarship

Randy Maldon
Randy Maldon is attending Stony Brook University in the fall and next year will be a member of Stony Brook’s Field and Track team. Randy is an extremely driven scholar-athlete. Randy has excelled academically, personally and athletically because he is an extremely hard worker, and is committed to being the best person that he can be.

Randy Maldon is attending Stony Brook University in the fall and next year will be a member of Stony Brook’s Field and

HACEF Tradition Scholarship

orellanaAlexander Orellana
Alexander Orellana is an intelligent, kind, and hard-working young man. He has achieved an outstanding academic average while enrolling in some of Harborfields High School’s most challenging courses. He is an active member of two National Honor Societies and he has been an asset to our school and our community by his involvement in school clubs and his volunteer work. Alex is looking forward to beginning his college studies in Computer Science at Binghamton University in the fall.

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