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Pokemon Fun
Instructor: Sonia Armstrong
Grades: 1-4

We choose YOU for this lovable and engaging camp that uses the fun and spirit of this time-honored show to teach valuable lessons in team-building and science. From Pokémon battles to building catapults and Pikachu crafts, kids will love the clever ways they can use their minds to defeat the mischievous Team Rocket. Learn a bit about science classification by discussing Pokémon “types,” design your own unique Pokémon card and play a numbers game, witness the process of metamorphosis with various “evolving” Pokémon and devise your own Pokémon Go game with a giant scavenger hunt! How many words can you get out of the word “Charmander?” Make a fizzing Pokéball and see what happens when you place it in water! Are you ready for these Masterful ideas? You Gotta Catch ‘Em all!

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