HACEF Presents Grant to Harborfields

You may associate HACEF with our Summer Camp program, but here’s the other side to our organization: This past week, at the last BOE meeting of the school year, HACEF presented a check to the Harborfields School District in the amount of $11,525.19. The trustees of HACEF recently voted to fund grants for the following items: 30 Online Lab Notebooks for the Science Department of HHS, a Chromebook Touch for students with disabilities for the PALS class at WDPS, and a Delta Drill Press, to benefit the Robotics/STEAM program at OMS.


Presenting the check to the district and Board of Education – Eric Gerde, President of HACEF and Karin Fey, Vice President and Summer Camp Director of HACEF.

“These items will be of great benefit to the students in these schools,” says Eric Gerde, President of HACEF. “It’s in keeping with our mission to enhance the educational opportunities for the children of this district.”Since its inception in 2003, HACEF has funded over $210,000 in grants and nearly $60,000 in scholarships. They have funded more than $30,000 in the 2017-2018 school year alone! Other recent grants have included Pit Orchestra lights for HHS, 32 pedometers for the physical education department of TJL, iPads for ENL at HHS, and a color printer for the special education department at TJL.Any funds raised by HACEF are a direct result of fundraising as well as the proceeds of HACEF’s successful Summer Camp Program, which–for the coming 2016 season–currently enrolls more than 540 students in the district.

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