HACEF Camp Volunteer Application

HACEF Camp Student Volunteer Counselor Program

Applications will be accepted beginning March 22, 2020.
Please review the camp roster for individual camp details


HACEF Volunteers counselor positions are open for students in grades 8-12. *In some cases, 7th grade students MAY be considered for camps where the campers are no older than 5th grade.*

All student volunteers MUST complete a separate application form for the desired camps they wish to volunteer for. All applications submitted will be reviewed. HACEF has a set limit to the number of required volunteers in each camp. If your child has been selected as a volunteer for a camp, you will be informed within a week or two of applying.

** Please Note: If a student is not selected as a volunteer for a camp, it may simply be because a large number of applicants have also applied for the same camp. **

Volunteers MUST be at least two grades older than the oldest grade level for the camp. For example, if a camp is open for students grades 5-7, then the volunteer must be AT LEAST 9th grade. Applicants who do not meet this age requirement will not be considered.

On your application, you will be asked to list a Harborfields teacher or administrator as a reference. By listing the name, you give HACEF permission to check with this source as a character reference.

The decision to place a volunteer is at the sole discretion of the HACEF Summer Camp Directors. HACEF has the right to refuse placement to any volunteer who may not meet our current needs, requirements, and/or placement criteria.

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