Grant History

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Thanks to the generosity of our friends and businesses in the community , HACEF has been able to offer the following grants to Harborfields Schools.

Harborfields High School
•  Digital Camera and Printer
•  Weather Station
•  Smart Boards
•  Science Research Program
•  Document Camera
•  Using Interactive Computer Resources to Teach Research Skills
•  Technology Equipment to Enhance the Display
   of Student Artwork
•  Camera Equipment for the Art Department
•  Video Camera for the Art Department
•  Art Display System for Library Media Center
•  AED Trainers
•  Podium for the Marching Band
•  Wacom Tablets for Graphics Arts Classes
•  Camera Equipment for Photography Classes
•  Media Display for administration (morning announcements, etc.)
Oldfield Middle School
•  Video studio/Teleprompter & video camera
•  Standing desks, Flexible/alternative seatingRobotic Construction Kits
•  STEAMOperation Ziploc
•  Heart Monitors for Wellness Program
•  Character Education Student Presentations
•  Enhancing Education through Technology
•  Exposing Students to Digital Video
•  Character Ed-Camfel Production
•  Visual Arts Mobile Media Display Cart
•  Laptop Comupter for the Technology Classroom
•  Music History Recording and Studio
•  Lego Robotic Kit for Science Club
•  Lego Robotic Mindstorm Kit for the Science Reseach Club
•  Learning Garden
•  Document Camera
•  Digital Video Equipment
•  Science Research Program Equipment
•  Smart Boards
 Thomas J. Lahey Elementary School
•  Seating for Special Education Classes
• Spelling for Writers
•  Qualities of Good Writing
•  Hands on Science Materials
•  Comprehension Tool Kit
•  Spelling for Writers* Studying Authors Craft
•  Concept Links Focus and Motion Complete
•  Concept Links Ecosystems Complete Module
•  Concept Links Animal Complete Module
•  Native New York and Native Ameircan’s In-House
   Field Trip* Literacy Reading Library
•  Art on the Cart – Laptop and 40″ HDTV
   Presentation Cart
•  Visual Arts Mobile Display
•  Christ Van Allsbuerg Author Study
•  Smart Boards
Washington Drive Primary School
•  Growth Mindset books
•  Listening Centers
•  Lady Bug Land (Kindergarten)
•  Digital Art and Information Display
•  Enhancing Curriculum Through Technology
•  Learning Fluency Listing Center
•  Digital Imaging Camera
•  Smart Boards




  • $2159.40 HHS Patricia Taylor: Creating Outdoor Learning Space (12 Convert-a-Bench for outdoor courtyard)
  • $3665.00 Vincent Ambrosio: Live from WD and TJL (2x Mobile Precision 760)
  • $4800.00 Rose Scammell: District PPS Collaborative Assessment & Management of Suicidality


  • $53,062.58 HHS for the repairs and upgrade for the sound system in the auditorium
  • $2102.95 TJL Michele Turchiano: The Lion’s Den Club News Team (Minolta camera, portable teleprompter, midi interface)
  • $2399.00 TJL PE Department Dennis Harmon: Smart TV (to enhance PE lessons for all grades visual learning)
  • $2813.00 TJL Reading Department Melissa Mancuso: Visualizing and Verbalizing Kit (3x) Support Kit (3x)
  • $254.19 WDPS Gale Ambrosio Special Ed and Jacinta Pisano: Foundations A-Z (Literacy for Every Student)
  • $1065.38 WDPS K Teachers Calming Corner for each classroom (fidget toys, plush animals, sensory toys)
  • $1387.00 OMS Sandra Buscemi: Special Education Designer Cuts (Ellison Die Cut machine and supplies)
  • $1599.96 OMS James Temps: Robotics Spike Robots (4 Lego Spike Robot Sets)
  • $700.00 OMS Dahlia Roemer: Guidance SEL Support (adult coloring books, fidget toys, stress relief)
  • $ 2656.98 OMS Casey McGrath: Magnetic Coordinate Plane Whiteboard (3x)
  • $449.14 HHS Deana Atherton: ENL Calming Corner (Zen water fountain, metal end table, colored pencils, adult coloring books, motivational items, stress balls, light clips, lamp, tapestry, bean bag chairs, aromatherapy diffuser, clear lights)
  • $1860.42 HHS Anna Cervini: Classroom Library for ENL and SIFE students (Classroom Libraries for SIFE Bridges Program and plastic book bins)
  • $586.00 HHS Jill Weiler: Crack the Code for the library (Breakout Edu Pack + 12 mos subscription, 3 Breakout Edu Packs)
  • $500.00 HHS Cheryl Manniello: Costume rental for HS club Shakespeare in the Park Spring Production
  • $2763.06 Eileen Rottkamp: HS Art Department Fashion Design and Illustration Class Supplies (4 Singer adjustable red dress form, backing for pinning 360 degree hem guide, Janome HD 1000 Heavy-Duty Sewing Machine with 14 built-in stitches)
  • $283.11 Marissa Hillebrand: HHS Special Education Greenhouse Micro Lab (20″ 37 Watt LED indoor tabletop, plant grow light, organic seed variety)


  • $3675.00 HHS Art Department Eileen Rottkamp: Pottery Wheel
  • $657.99 OMS Judy Boshnack: GoPro for Fenway
  • $2000.00 OMS Drew Lockwood: 3-D Printers for STEAM (2x)
  • $2674.00 OMS James Temps: Tabletop Bridge and Tower Lego Ed Spike Prime Set
  • $502.72 TJL Sonia Armstrong: Around the World in 30 Books
  • $3029.09 TJL Linda Scarth: Seatuck Garden Outdoor Garden
  • $$858.33 TJL Kelly Teape: Glow Day
  • $2418.40 WDPS Leslie Speed: Technology Cloud Printer and 60 Headphones
  • $473.45 WDPS and TJL Kierstan Hall Social Thinking Curriculum
  • $712.62 WDPS Gale Ambrosio and Jacinta Pisano: Decodable Books


  • $2699.64 OMS Judy Bochnack: IPads and cases
  • $1020.85 OMS Katie Hudson: Special Education Alternative Seating


  • $55,000.00 District Technology Initiative
  • $1084.90 HHS Chris T. O’Hanlon: Robotics Grant (robot parts, computer control hubs, motors, accessories) 3 community members also contributed in memory of alumni Chris O’Hanlon.
  • $2697.55 HHS Michael Pinto: Science Research Board Printer (for professional displays, paper rolls and cartridges)
  • $1850.00 HHS Alissa Rosenberg: Pieces of Energy for Career Transitions Class (artwork created by students to assemble keychains and pendants to nursing homes, pediatric floor at Huntington Hospital, and Military
  • $3521.12 HHS Jill Weiler: HHS Library Media Mania (TV and mount for library so students can view the morning announcements)
  • $1845.00 HHS Michelle Carnaxide: Special Education Standing Desks / Flexible Seating
  • $2000.00 HHS Daniel Bilawsky: Music Department South African Jazz Artists collaborate with HS Music Dept and Social Studies to bring an internationally known quartet from South Africa to work with students
  • $1050.54 WDPS Maria Paros: Special Education SEL Materials for Kindergarteners
  • $544.32 WDPS Heather Goldenberg: Kindergarten Sensory Fidgets
  • $1159.33 WDPS Gale Ambrosio and Rachel Muchtin: Growth Mindset activities and books
  • $2041.36 WDPS Kerry Neira, Melissa Owen: Flexible Seating for classrooms
  • $1233.66 WDPS Emily Gutheil: Organizing Kindergarten Students
  • $2400.00 TJL Andrea Horowitz: Workshop Training on Response to Intervention (RTI)
  • $2484.00 TJL Special Ed Department: 3 Whiteboards for enhanced learning
  • $220.00 TJL Amy Lusting: Dry Erase Social Studies Map
  • $2515.00 OMS Jessica Lowenhar: 40 Ukeleles, bags and accessories
  • $1321.80 OMS Kathleen Taylor: PE Mindfulness Yoga mats and blocks
  • $2574.00 OMS Jennifer Ahrens: Math and Creative Computing IPads to work coding programs
  • $1217.99 OMS Steve Ellick: Laptop and Two Camcorders


  • $1500+$3282.35 WDPS Kathy McNally: WD Makers Space
  • $3089.62 TJL Augustino Rettino: Collaboration Tables/ Seating for the 21st Century Classroom
  • $2347.38 TJL Nick Rinaldi: Music Technology
  • $1528.17 TJL Pietrina Postorino: Alternative Seating
  • $1924.98 OMS Drew Lockwood: Horizon Energy Box
  • $1206.66 OMS Kelli Benchimol: Flexible Seating
  • $2285.00 OMS Jill Rochanakit: Alternative Seating


  • $50,000.00 District Technology Initiative
  • $1373.03 Media Display
  • $2016.58 Materials for HS Robotics
  • $1414.00 Additional Seating for HS Library
  • $499.99 HHS Allison Matthews: Flatbed Scanner for Career Education
  • $3060.00 OMS Drew Lockwood: Cubelets Robot Construction Kit


  • $686.79 Allison Scilla: HHS Auditorium Pit Orchestra Lights
  • $2400.00 Eugenia Ritter: HHS Potter’s Wheels (2x)

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