Grant History

Thanks to the generosity of our friends and businesses in the community HACEF has been able to offer the following grants to Harborfields Schools.

Harborfields High School
•  Digital Camera and Printer
•  Weather Station
•  Smart Boards
•  Science Research Program
•  Document Camera
•  Using Interactive Computer Resources to Teach Research Skills
•  Technology Equipment to Enhance the Display
   of Student Artwork
•  Camera Equipment for the Art Department
•  Video Camera for the Art Department
•  Art Display System for Library Media Center
•  AED Trainers
•  Podium for the Marching Band
•  Wacom Tablets for Graphics Arts Classes
•  Camera Equipment for Photography Classes
•  Media Display for administration (morning announcements, etc.)
Oldfield Middle School
•  Video studio/Teleprompter & video camera
•  Standing desks, Flexible/alternative seatingRobotic Construction Kits
•  STEAMOperation Ziploc
•  Heart Monitors for Wellness Program
•  Character Education Student Presentations
•  Enhancing Education through Technology
•  Exposing Students to Digital Video
•  Character Ed-Camfel Production
•  Visual Arts Mobile Media Display Cart
•  Laptop Comupter for the Technology Classroom
•  Music History Recording and Studio
•  Lego Robotic Kit for Science Club
•  Lego Robotic Mindstorm Kit for the Science Reseach Club
•  Learning Garden
•  Document Camera
•  Digital Video Equipment
•  Science Research Program Equipment
•  Smart Boards
 Thomas J. Lahey Elementary School
•  Seating for Special Education Classes
• Spelling for Writers
•  Qualities of Good Writing
•  Hands on Science Materials
•  Comprehension Tool Kit
•  Spelling for Writers* Studying Authors Craft
•  Concept Links Focus and Motion Complete
•  Concept Links Ecosystems Complete Module
•  Concept Links Animal Complete Module
•  Native New York and Native Ameircan’s In-House
   Field Trip* Literacy Reading Library
•  Art on the Cart – Laptop and 40″ HDTV
   Presentation Cart
•  Visual Arts Mobile Display
•  Christ Van Allsbuerg Author Study
•  Smart Boards
Washington Drive Primary School
•  Growth Mindset books
•  Listening Centers
•  Lady Bug Land (Kindergarten)
•  Digital Art and Information Display
•  Enhancing Curriculum Through Technology
•  Learning Fluency Listing Center
•  Digital Imaging Camera
•  Smart Boards

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