It’s a wrap on the last week of HACEF Summer Camp and we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who participated in our Summer Camp Program 2018… We offered 62 individual camp sessions and registered a record number of campers this year! 

Visit our photo gallery to view the wonderful memories we made! It’s a week-by-week look at all the camps offered this summer.

We are deeply grateful for the support of Harborfields School District administration including Dr. Francesco Ianni, Dr. Rory Manning. These individuals attended camp plays, visited our art exhibits, engaged one on one with the campers and in general admired the students’ projects every single week! We are also thankful to the building-level administration of Harborfields High School, including Mr. Tim Russo and Mr. Chris Patronaggio and to Washington Drive Primary School, including ,  Mrs. Kelly Fallon and Mrs. Kathryn McNally. Rich LaFountain and the rest of the wonderful Harborfields High School Custodial Staff deserve a round of applause for all their hard work. A camp program like this would not be possible without our amazing and innovative instructors, who managed to take our breath away with their creativity every week!

Sonia Armstrong
Dyan Aronowsky

Sonia Armstrong
Maria Brown
Sharon Chillemi
Suzanne Chmura

Beth DeVaney
Roe Elder
Steve Ellick
Karin Fey
Julia Fizzignolia

Ali Gagnon
Christina Godfrey
Melissa Goscinski
Anna Maria Groe
Nicole Larson
Vincenza LaSpisa
Virginia Leon
Drew Lockwood

Brittany Lovett
Jessica Lowenhar

Amy Lustig
Jenna Makuh
Lisa Malerba

Keri Puglisi
Auggie Rettino

Melissa Ricci
Sandra Rietz
Jeanie Ritter

Richard Ritter
Jodi Smalley
Leslie Speed

Michelle Stack
James Temps
Christine Vleck
Joann Wadler
Robyn Weber
Diane Young

Lastly, we say a big thank you to our more than 120 enthusiastic volunteers, from grades 8-12! We are so grateful for all your efforts!

We hope you had a wonderful summer, full of magic and memories…. Would you believe we are already making plans and have ideas for Summer 2019? Oh yes, indeed! 🙂 Our very best wishes for a fantastic school year.

–Karin Fey & Emma Hendler, HACEF Summer Camp Directors



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