The biggest assortment of camps HACEF has ever offered!

These Harborfields camps offer great opportunities for your child to pick up a new and valuable skill.
The chances for fun and creativity are boundless!

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*New for 2017

Crop Paper Scissors

*Cook With Books

Exploring 2D & 3D Art

Engineering 101

*Adventures in Coding

*Dr. Seuss STEM Academy

Crazy Concoctions

*Feel Like Singing!

*Painting Al Fresco

The Magic of Photoshop

Making Friends & Building Character

Art-tastic Creations

Elementary & Secondary Woodworking

Old Master’s Re-Mix
*Around the World

Introduction to Fashion Design

*Fashion Design II

*Inventors’ Club

*Stuffed Creatures: Sewing Camp

*Canvas Painting

*Explorations in Sculpture

*Under the Sea Adventures

*Chocolate Mania

Drawing, Painting, and Sculpture

*Hands On Clay

*Bringing Magic to Muggles

Elementary & Secondary Robotics

*Knitting for Kids

Video Production

*Plant, Grow & Bloom

*Here’s the Story: Fun with Writing

*Fetch, Catch, Pounce & Purr

*Kindergartners Create!

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