• You may be familiar with the HACEF Camp Program… but do you know what happens with the profits we raise each summer? Every penny goes to the HACEF Foundation, which offers significant grants to all four Harborfields Schools for the purpose of enhancing and enriching our children’s education and well-being. HACEF grants have been used to fund the latest in technology, art, music, science, reading, special education, and much more.

    Becoming a Friend of HACEF allows you to directly assist in these significant educational enhancement efforts and to also help fund HACEF student scholarships.

     HACEF Memberships that are received via check, cash, credit card OR PayPal by Monday, October 21 will be entered into TWO raffles: • A FREE HACEF Summer Camp 2020 • The CHANCE TO PRE-REGISTER FOR ONE CAMP OF YOUR CHOICE, before Summer Camp registration opens on March 15, 2020! We will call both winners on October 22!

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A Crazy and Fun Night at the Annual Kid’s Night Out

It was a crazy and fun time at the annual HACEF and HHS PTSA Kid’s Night Out last night! Such a great event as it brings together our High School students with our littlest students in Harborfields for some craft-making, game-playing, hula hooping, water-bottle flipping, ping ponging, and Simon-Says-ing! As with all HACEF events and programs, ALL proceeds made go right back to our students and schools in the form of scholarships and grants. Thank you to all our Harborfields High Schoolers for their time, patience, and creativity!


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