2017 Scholars

HACEF Wall of Honor Scholarship

Nina Haskelson
Nina has impressed the HACEF board with her true compassion to helping others and how she overcame her own challenges to become the best person she can be. She has quoted that “Art in its purest form is cathartic.” Her emotional connection with art and how it heals people were quite evident in her many roles at various organizations as a passionate community volunteer. She thoroughly connected with many individuals and helped make their lives better and will continue to do so through her vision and art.
She will be attending Marywood University in the Fall.

Ava Mckane
For the past three years, Ava spent hundreds of hours weekly volunteering at Huntington Hospital. She also contributed many hours dedicated to lead efforts in other organizations to better her community, especially those with medical needs. Ava participates in a large number of extracurricular, academic and athletic activities in school and throughout the community.  She will be attending Tufts University in the Fall and also playing Soccer for Tufts

HACEF Exceptional Service Scholarship

Sarah Murphy
Sarah is passionate about the things she does and cares about. Service and compassion is in her DNA. She is and has always been a very caring individual always looking to help others. Last year she found herself in Des Moines Iowa with complete strangers from all over the country participating in a week-long effort to help rehabilitate a home. “It wasn’t about the home,” she says, “It was about creating hope, pride, and a more promising future for their family.” Sarah also participates in a number of clubs and activities that revolve around service to the community. As as avid dancer, Sarah is an  a member of the Harborfields Kick Line. She will be attending Cornell University in the fall.

Greta Browne
Greta’s understanding about language and how it impacts our lives is second to none. As a freshmen, she was startled by the news that French enrollment has been declining in the middle school. She decided to do something about it and volunteered her time at OMS to promote the language. Later on, she decided to develop a formal proposal to set up an after school French program at SCOPE. The proposal was approved by administration. She sought after new challenges and volunteered as an ENL tutor at the high school working and connecting with Spanish speaking students. Her passion for linguistics has certainly made an impact in our schools. Greta will be attending Yale University in the Fall.

Cole Wadler
Cole needed a place to clear his mind and organize this thoughts. What better place to do that than out in a natural setting.  Cole created an Organic Garden which he considers a sanctuary. He nurtured it and developed and programmed a device that detects moisture levels in the soil to manage proper water usage. Realizing he had an abundance of vegetables, Cole contacted Susan Berland to investigate where he could donate his bounty. He is now a volunteer at Island Harvest and has donated over 150 pounds of fresh vegetables the needy on Long Island. Cole spends much of his time at the library engaging with young children as a study buddy and a chess buddy.  He is the Deputy Supervisor of the Huntington Youth Council. His efforts have been recognized by the town of Huntington.
He will be attending Northeastern University in the Fall

HACEF Pride Scholarship

Grace Mines
Grace is an amazing young woman who is always eager to assist with anything that needs attention or help. She is a true advocate for our schools and students. Grace is unselfishly there for people and always willing to help despite her own busy schedule. It’s not surprising that she is a member of both the Global Justice and Interact clubs. Grace is a true advocate for the underdog and plans on going into nursing.  She will be attending the University of Buffalo in the Fall.

HACEF Tradition Scholarship

McKayla Wilson-Rodgriguex
You may know McKayla as MK. MK is an amazing young woman who spends her time volunteering at various animal shelters. As an animal lover she is a member of the Harborfields Pet Awareness Club. In addition to volunteering her time with animals, MK is member of Habitat for Humanity at Harborfields. She is a talented dancer who, after a rigorous audition process,  was admitted into the LIHSA program. MK is also a Harborfields High School Kickline member. MK will be attending American Musical and Dramatic Academy in the Fall.


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