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Coming soon... Two fun after-school 
clubs at WDPS and TJL!
To accommodate busy fall schedules, we're offering two sessions each club!
These six-week clubs--Starting in October--will be held once a week.  The instructor will pick children up at dismissal and bring them to the classroom.  
Parents will pick up their child at 5:00 pm.
We expect these clubs to fill up! Registration starts September 10 at 9:00 am.
(Grades 1-2) 
Instructor: Melissa Ricci, WDPS
Welcome to the most outrageously fun science and art club ever! Little scientists will discover a world of experimenting, exploring, mixing materials, and playing with the unbelievable results! With activities similar to HACEF's popular Crazy Concoctions camp, this clever and creative club will introduce a fall theme where children will make monster slime, sparkly mini pumpkins, puffy ghost paint, create a fall crazy collage, and delve into "magical" Halloween experiments. Since Ms. Ricci loves to include literature in her activities, there will be some fun with words and stories, as well!
(Grades 3-5)
Instructor: Maria Brown, TJL
Back to school got you down? Ms. Brown has the answer! Make some new friends (or chill with your pals) and join in some awesome after-school games and activities. Learn how to play a different card games such as Rummy, War, and Crazy Eights. Play favorite board games like Monopoly and Life. Create fall crafts with leaves and pumpkins...You'll even make your own scarecrow! Best of all, in honor of Thanksgiving, this club will work on special projects for our community. Let's welcome autumn and the new school year by having a blast!
HACEF’S mission is to promote and enhance the educational opportunities for the children of our community in grades K-12. The foundation raises money to provide grants for programs, materials and technology and to support initiatives taken by our educators to explore creative and innovative ways to enrich our children’s education.
To date, HACEF has funded over $70,000 in grants and $50,000 in scholarships. The initiatives funded by HACEF are a direct result of the generosity and support of the Harborfields Community.
The Harborfields Alumni and Community Educational Foundation (HACEF) is a not-for-profit 501c(3) corporation established in November 2003.
Eric Gerde - President 
Sal Ammirati - Vice President
Karin Fey - Vice President/Summer Camps
Ellen Rieger - Treasurer     
Marianne Minton - Corresponding Secretary
Carol Cuti - Recording Secretary
Denise Leparik - Past President